Notice, Value, Care

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to show care for others. Honestly, I believe that most of us are pretty bad it. But I do believe that it is something that we can get better at if we are intentional.

Years ago, I was in a group that was in the process of choosing leaders that would serve the group. At the time, I found myself wondering what I would truly look for in a leader. What were the things that good leaders should do? After some reflection, I came to believe three things:

  1. We should notice others. – People want to be noticed and known! They want to be seen and feel that they are important.
  2. We should value others – We are all unique, and we are all important! Every single person. We need to get to know people and let them know that they are valued just for being who they are!
  3. We should care/love others – We should truly care about them, want the best for them, and be looking for ways to show them that we care.

That’s it! I told a friend at lunch the other day that if we do these three things, we win! (Not that it’s a contest.)

We have to move beyond ourselves. If we want to make a difference in this world, we have to focus on others. The way we make others feel says more about us than what we can accomplish, our status in life, the money in our bank accounts, etc.

Notice, Value, and Love Others. That’s the key!

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